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Where can I find the latest version of the manual?

On the LK Systems website (Swedish) under "Dokumentation" or LK Systems website (English) under "Literature".

Which LK Webserver can I connect to this site?

There are two versions of the webserver: the older (black) called LK Webserver ICS.2 and the newer (white) called LK Webserver. The white version can be directly connected to this site. The black version needs a firmware upgrade, please see next question.

Which is the latest version of firmware?

The latest firmware is 3.1.850 (see the "Network" tab after you logged in to your LK Webserver). All white LK Webservers are delivered with this version.

If you have a black LK Webserver, you need to download the software that you will find on this page (see "Ladda ner LK Webserver"): https://www.lksystems.se/sv/produkter/lk-golvvarme/om-lk-golvvarme/golvvarme-support/support-for-din-lk-rumsreglering/
run it on your Windows PC and follow the instructions. There are no viruses in this file, so you can safely ignore all warnings from Windows and your anti-virus software.

It was possible to connect to the black LK Webserver over internet. Why a cloud server?

The black LK Webserver used a technology called UPnP which made a "port forward" on the customers router. Unfortunately, this method in some cases did not work stable and were not compaptible with all routers on the market.

This cloud server solution should prove much better stability and ease of use. With this solution it is also possible to get alarm e-mails and push notifications directly to your mobile phone.

Since all black LK Webservers are upgradable to this solution, we plan, in the future, to drop support for the black LK Webservers.

There are several passwords in the system. I do not understand?

Well, it is important to understand that there is no connection between the different passwords. If you change one of these, no other will be affected.

These passwords exist:

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